2016-17 Series GP Rules


General Class Rules

1.  No racer is allowed to compete in 2 ability, or age classes.

2.  The top two racers in Beginner, Novice Small, and Novice Large will be bumped to the next class at the end of every full race season. (Not including Summer Series).

3.  The WTXRC reserves the right to bump any racer that is not in the appropriate class.

4.  Any racer reserves the right to bump themselves.

5.  If at any point in the series a racer is bumped, any completed races will carry last place points in the new class.

6.  50cc riders will be separated, (4-6) & (7-8).  A birth cirtificate will need to be provided at the first of every season to verify age.

7.  Novice dirtbike classes will be separated into large and small.  Small includes two strokes 125cc-200cc and four strokes 250cc-280cc.  Large includes two strokes 201cc-500cc and four strokes 281cc-528cc.

8.  Trail Rider classes require a WTXRC membership, but no transponder. Trail Rider is not scored competitavely. No trophies or awards will be given for Trail Rider and will not be scored for year end results.

9.  50cc MX, 65cc MX, Mini Quad, and Mini UTV are Mini classes and run for 20 minutes on a shortened course, typically under 2 miles long. 85cc MX classes run the full course for 45 minutes in the MX C Race.


General Points & Scoring Rules

1.  When entering the scoring shoot, do not pass. The scoring shoot is designated with orange cones and stakes with tape. Please proceed SLOWLY and STEADILY through the shoot. DO NOT BLAST THROUGH THE SCORING SHOOT. Any racer traveling too fast or passing will be warned, penalized accordingly, or not scored at all at WTXRC's discression.

2.  To receive points at any event, the racer must be present and entered into the race; They must come through the checkpoint at least one time.  If any racer DNF's, no points will be awarded.  If a racer is injured and wishes to receive last place points at an event, the racer must start the race and proceed to the scoring trailer, only after every other rider in the class has completed one lap.

3.  WTXRC uses MotoTally radio frequency to score the race. Transponders are required or the racer will not be scored. If a racer has a transponder that will work with our system, they can use it.  Transponders will be available at every race for $10.  Any loss or damage to the transponder is the racer's responsibility, and a new one will have to be purchased.  If a transponder is purchased from us and is undamaged but no longer works, a new one will be provided.  Transponders will be mounted under the visor of every helmet of every racer. If running a carbon fiber helmet, contact us with mounting instructions as they can interfere with the scoring.


General Rules & Procedures

1.  Any protest that would like to be filed will be heard.  There is a $20 protest fee to file. Protests may not be decided that day, and will not be attended to until all racing for that day is finished.  A final decision will be made within a 48 hour time period and affected racers will be contacted with the final outcome.

2.  Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  WTXRC reserves the right to ask anyone showing unsportsman-like conduct to leave the premises immediately.

3. Racers must complete the race on the same equipment they started on.  If any racer swaps machines during the race, last place points will be awarded.

4.  Each Racer must display their race number clearly on the front. If there are other numbers present other than the number you are being scored with, please remove or cover them.  Any racer that fails to display their number will recieve last place points.

5.  Minimum equipment required to race are heavy duty boots, DOT approved helmet, and goggles or the equivilent eye protection.

6.  An annual WTXRC membership fee of $30 per racer is required and is good for that given series.

7.  Racers must be present at trophy presentation to recieve awards. If needing to leave early, please contact an official at the scoring trailer. Awards will not be held or shipped.

8.  The 2018-19 Championship will consist of two drops for all classes.

9.  Courses will be clearly marked with one dominant color. Danger markings will be posted.  Course integrity is key for us, and should be for every racer; If unsportsman-like conduct occurs, actions will be taken accordingly.  The track will be marked clearly and sweep riders will be going throughout the entire race to aid with downed riders, blown tape, and watching for course integrity.

10.  All Classes will be presented trophies except Pro Bike.

11.  Pro Bike will have 100% payout. If there are 5 or less entries the Pro Purse will go to the winner of the race. If there are at least 6 entries, payout will be 1st-3rd. There will be no trophies for Pro class. Year end awards will be produced for the top 3 racers.

12.  All races will be live engine start with a 2 minute warning, 30 sec warning, 10 sec warning and then flag raise.


MX Team Race Rules

1.  Teamate change area will be designated and announced at the riders meeting and re-affirmed at the starting area.

2.  Fueling area will be located where teamate change area is.

3.  Teamates must interchange the same amount. Teamates may interchange every lap, or every two laps. Teamates may not change tradeout intervals once determined. If the first rider of the team DOES NOT TRADEOUT on the first lap, all remaining team members must continually complete 2 laps before trading out, until the race is finished. Alternatevely, if teamates interchange every lap, they must continue to tradeout that way until the race is finished.


 If one teamate in a team of two becomes injured or knocked out of the race for various reasons, only then is it allowed for the remaining teamate to finish the race doing multiple laps.

4.  If a teamate is out on the track and has issues and is unable to complete their lap to trade out, it will be allowed for the next teamate to start from the tradeout area. Times will be adjusted for final accuracy.

5.  If not present for trophy presentation, trophies will not be mailed or held.


UTV Rules & Procedures

1.  Minimum equipment required to race are: 1. Stock seating restraint or aftermarket equivilent 2. Minimum DOT approved helmet 3.Goggles or the equivilent for eye protection.

2.  Numbers must be displayed clearly on the front hood area, and on the sides behind, or on the doors.

3.  All whips must be removed before any laps can be completed (practice included). You must pass under our short scoring wand, which holds our sensitive scoring equipment.

4.  Only one co-driver is allowed. For safety and other good reasons, we ask the whole family unit be not taken out in one fail swoop.

5.  Starting - Each classes given racers (Expert, Intermediate, & Beginner) will be lined up by class. It will be a motocross style start, just like our dirtbikes & quads.

6.  Electrical fire grade Fire Extenguishers and horns are highly recommended.




We want to provide a safe, fun, and extreme experience for everyone. Our main focus is growing our off-road sport, and that starts with the youth.

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