Rd 2 Lake Mackenzie GP


Lake Mackenzie, TX

August 27&28, 2016

Bring your lake toys & camping gear!

2016-2017 Championship Schedule

Rd 3 Lake Greenbelt GP


Clarendon, TX

September 10&11, 2016

A WTXRC favorite returns! One of the coolest venues all year.

Rd 6 Outback Adventure GP


East of Stanton, TX

November 19&20, 2016

Twisty turny to hold it wide and hang on! Our good friends at the Adventure Track want to go again! We would like to honor our friend Kevin Hanshew, who will be in attendance.

Rd 4 Clovis MX GP


Clovis, NM

October 8&9, 2016

Thanks to our friends at Clovis MX, we WILL be racing here! Get ready for a great MX track with surrounding property to race through.

Rd 7 Bowers MX GP


Amarillo, TX

December 10&11, 2016

Get ready to SEND IT! The track will be a combination of the MX, TT, and surrounding areas for trails. Come and experience one of the finest venues to race in the area.

Rd 5 Pig Rock GP



Vale De Oro, TX

October 29&30, 2016

Long-time supporter Gary Singleton says, "Bring it back to the rock!"

Rd. 10 Lake Greenbelt GP

Clarendon, TX

March 18&19, 2017

Due to fire danger we will be racing at Lake Greenbelt! Being near a highway and fire & rescue is a must in this dry season.

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

Rd 1 Buffalo Springs Lake GP


Buffalo Springs Lake, TX

August 13&14, 2016

Get ready for some fun! Thank you management for letting us come again this year!


Rd. 8 Elk City MX GP


Elk City, OK

February 4&5, 2017

This was our biggest event in 2016. Get ready for a PRIMO MX track with awesome trails for MX, Quads, and UTV's!

Rd. 9 Spur GP

Spur, TX

February 25&26, 2017

The private ranch West of Spur returns. We had tons of fun last year, let's just pray we are graced with rain again this year.

Rd. 11 Jubal's GP

Claude, TX

April 1&2, 2017

The Hudson Plains Farm welcomes us back for the most spectator friendly venue of all time!

Rd. 12 Roland Springs GP

Snyder, TX

April 29&30, 2017

A great pit area, great scenery, moto only trails, and fast strait aways. This is another special venue blessed upon us.

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